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Step into the Game

A Step Ahead Fitness provides comprehensive health and fitness programs to childcare facilities that caters to the academic, social, emotional, and physical needs of children. Our highlighted services include: 

Aerobics: Have a blast developing your gross motor skills. Build agility and endurance while understanding how to properly warm up.

Yoga: Increase coordination, strength, and flexibility. Learn techniques to cope with stress. Have fun while building confidence and self-awareness.  

Football: Learn the basics of football and the definition of teamwork by adding drills and tutorials to advance the knowledge of the game. 

Basketball: Develop your skills in dribbling, passing, and shooting. Learn the fundamental rules and strategies to become a thriving basketball player. 

Floor Hockey: Learn hand-eye coordination and how the equipment is used safely and effectively to prevent injury. This sport is great for fine motor skill development and fun times with friends in a team atmosphere.

Soccer: Engage in fun, team building activities while developing the skill of kicking, passing, shooting, and goalkeeping. Identify the rules and concept of the sport to be played correctly.


step into a world of ...


fun and play 


laughter and games  


confidence and strength  


growth and child development 



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